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    Final Fantasy X HD to get a new video game
    12/29/2013 10:56

    Final Fantasy X and X - 2 HD on PlayStation Vita , Sony's latest handheld console is the experience of the Final Fantasy series , without having to hunt down a number of the old game of the series championship as all the best way from first to tenth release PSN available for purchase.


    HD collection of the first in the series have been released in Japan just a few days ago, it has managed to get the fans to speak, because I scenerio confirmed , FFX - 3 game might occur if demand is high enough .


    This statement is a collection of including it strongly implies the legendary third game is likely to have supported the musical in the works .A new video has surfaced today , with Final Fantasy HD first hour of the game. The video also gives us a better look at the PLAYSTATION Vita version of the game . You can by the end of this article to check out the video.


    Final Fantasy X and X - 2 will be launched in March in Europe and North America. PS3 version of the collection will include the game disc , and PSVita people will include Final Fantasy X and a download code for a digital version of Final Fantasy X-2 's .

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