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    Final Fantasy XIII Lightning return to preorder details and more videos
    12/25/2013 10:37

    February is about to end the trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII , Final Fantasy XIII Lightning return . This title will offer many downloadable costumes, may be surprised , and conspiracy. Hardcore fans of the series will most likely really like them or really disapprove of them. Take a look .


    Fans have always been suspected for some time, due to the linear and the combat system is how the mainstream in the first Final Fantasy XIII. Sequel, Final Fantasy XIII - 2 did not convince many other great . Before the game via a linear improvement , and add tons of quests . The game also allows players to capture monsters and use them to compete for new complex strategies and tactics . There are a lot of people still are not satisfied . The trilogy 's end trying to solve more problems dissatisfied fans . Below is a description of how the new title is different, more reminiscent of the old series of video games .


    This title is the last chance for fans to find fun from Final Fantasy XIII trilogy . This time, things are definitely changing . For starters, the party contains only one character , which is the other Final Fantasy games adhere to. In the past, you can play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles themselves, but the game would have been a multiplayer gaming experience. The power of creativity and style in this title comes from lightning around you to make a decision . Rather than the management of the entire party you can only manage lightning Although she has many different types , colors and weapons can be customized to find your style of play . The amount of equity does give each player in how they choose compared to other people playing the game individualistic independence.


    The game features tons of different costumes custom class , but there are a few pre-order costumes have become available . Those who pre-order the game to get part of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII , together with his nemesis swords and soldiers band of soldiers and equipment . Those who buy Collector's Edition will receive Aerith Gainsborough equipped with baskets and poles. The Collector's Edition also comes with a pocket watch , a 80-page book , of course, games. The total price of the Collector's Edition is $ 90 .


    Square Enix has not yet announced what the company will need to obtain the final reveal equipment. Yuna Final Fantasy belongs to X-2. Signature weapon outfit with Tidus , and his brother , and his wrist . All clothes are to victory gesture reminiscent of the character to be imitated . All clothing can be downloaded along with $ 10, four independent . Hope you can like our final fantasy xiv gil.

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