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    People continue to be crazy about Pokemon Go
    08/16/2016 11:00

    If you're still playing Pokemon Go, then you've likely invested plenty of time and energy of looking after about this DIY Pokemon Go helmet.

    Before we go any more, this video is actually for fun and isn't on sale — worth mentioning since I'm sure lots of people actually got excited relating to this.

    YouTuber (and self-proclaimed Queen of Shitty Robots) Simone Giertz created this video for many giggles, first spotted through the folks at Kotaku.

    Hopefully this brings a giggle for your Monday routine.

    And for which it's worth, Giertz isn't the only person still riding that Pokemon Go wave. Niantic, makers from the game, have experienced more than $250 million in revenue because the game launched earlier this summer.

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