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    Pokemon Go Dev 'Revokes' Legendary Pokemon from Trainer Accounts Following Articuno look
    08/04/2016 09:28

    Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs has had the alleged look of legendary Pokemon, as well as most conspicuously Articuno, in Trainers' accounts, revealing that the corporate has removed these Pokemon from players' accounts.


    In a statement provided by a Niantic representative to IGN, the corporate aforesaid that it's "rectified the situation" and "revoked" the legendary Pokemon. The statement reads:


        "We recently noticed  that a couple of Legendary Pokemon got into a couple of accounts once they shouldn’t have, To preserve the game’s integrity and as a live of fairness, we've corrected the case and revoked the legendary Pokemon from the Trainers’ accounts."

    A Pokemon Go player within the Ohio space claimed to own noninheritable  the game's initial legendary Pokemon, Articuno, that has not nonetheless formally been discharged within the game. The player, kaitcovey, claimed Niantic gave them the Pokemon as AN apology once contacting the developer regarding a difficulty with the sport. The Pokemon was shown off in a very Twitch livestream to prove its legitimacy.


    Niantic has, as of press time, not formally discharged any legendary Pokemon within the mobile game. Some reports prompt players have antecedently manipulated the game's code to create legendary or different unseen Pokemon seem within the game.


    Niantic conjointly recently updated the app, preventing some third party apps for the sport from being employed whereas conjointly removing Pokemon Go's in-app "3-step" trailing for users to seek out Pokemon within the game.

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