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    Square Enix Final Fantasy inadvertently breaking the contract exclusive DL
    12/27/2013 10:41

    Square Enix Inc. has released some cosmetic DLC for Final Fantasy XIII - which , unfortunately, not be available to the public . Exclusive DLC incentives are nothing new - heck , about half of the bonus game with Team Fortress 2 on Steam - so you would think that publishers will have the entire process is almost locked. Well, think again. A cosmetic DLC Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning replacement equipment and iconic Final Fantasy VII Aerith clothing . The DLC was originally exclusive to unlock specific strategies to guide buyers , but Square Enix company mistakenly released a clothing to the public.


    The original transaction and the Japanese publisher Square Enix company Shueisha between Aerith DLC will be limited return buyers jump in V Strategy Guide lightning . However , Aerith equipment is only one of the three DLC Square Enix cosmetics company published last week in Japan. Two other garments being (Cloud and Yuna's ) for each 400 yen of sales , but Aerith 's clothing was mistakenly added to the storage for the same price . The blunder was discovered after a few days , all three items are pulled from the online store .


    Square Enix company 's official explanation and apology tweeted last night , and resume sales of other DLC costumes. "The DLC is available as exclusive bonus release and publication Shueisha , but has been sold, because of our mistakes, " In the ( translated ) Tweets said. "We apologize for the inconvenience to you , more than anything else for our customers and Shueisha ." It remains to be seen the accident, whether there will be further affected as Square Enix company .

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