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    WildStar gold sellers advertising through forums and email despite efforts to curb in game abuse
    06/09/2014 09:22

    With a replacement MMO comes a replacement chance for gold sellers to form cash. WildStar is not any completely different. wildstar gold sellers are active since the game's launch last week, providing a supply of constant annoyance for early adopters. rifle has been on high of the problem like several smart MMO developer, however gold sellers area unit nothing if not persistent. With their tries to advertise their services and harass legitimate users within the method being strangled, some sites area unit taking to a lot of artistic routes to induce their message out there.


    Users on the official WildStar forums have begun reportage that they area unit currently receiving personal messages from gold sellers through Carbine's forums whereas others are claiming to possess received e-mails to accounts related to WildStar. Forum moderators area unit tuned in to and on high of true on it finish once a merchant account has been according, however there is not a lot of that rifle will do for the e-mail advertisements.


    At least one person that is according receiving gold mercantilism advertisements through their e-mail hasn't set foot on Nexus since beta, beggary the question of however e-mail addresses area unit being obained. It's doable that WildStar has suffered a security breach, however it is also doable that rifle is mercantilism the gold themselves in an exceedingly bid to get rid of cheaters early.


    It's always an honest plan to speculate in any accessible 2 step authentication processes like WildStar offers further as ensuring your pc is safe and secure. If there was a breach, we'll be hearing concerning it in time. Until then, the sole factor Nexus adventurers will  do is keep fighting the nice fight and report sellers once they are encountered.


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